Video Production

This is just the Start

I have been in love with photography so far and always thought that this is what makes the most fun to me, but during my last projects and on my roadtrip through the United States, I more and more liked the idea of filming the environment instead of making a static print with my camera. I haven’t done a lot of filming, cutting and animating in the past, but had a class at Ryerson University where I had to face Adobe After Effects and I literally loved it right from the beginning. It’s a tough start and not easy to get a foot in the door, but if you take some time, watch some YouTube tutorials and make projects you care about, it’s really fun. Therefore my next steps are more filming than taking pictures. Maybe I’m gonna buy a drone soon to capture the landscapes from above. On this page you can watch some of the videos that I created or was a part of the team. Enjoy!

Promo Video and Commercial


Convoo is a project where I worked on when I was studying at Ryerson University in Toronto and you can find all about it here. I want to highlight that the video  was shot and edited in one day what my team is really proud of because it was a lot of work. Since we had a producer in our team, we could really focus on high quality. I was in the role of the cameraman, cutter and responsible for the story and the animations.

Convoo is a meal-kit delivery service like HelloFresh or BlueApron, but leveraging the distribution systems of established grocery stores in order to save storage cost. The interesting thing about the service is that it’s designed as a chatbot. Through the intuitive chat, it’s possible for the consumer to order the groceries for the coming week within five minutes.

Check out the Commercial and the product video below.

Product Launch Video

Matma App

After we finished the Convoo video, two friends of my fellow student asked us if we also could do a product launch video for the app that they programmed for a real estate company. We said yes and used the Convoo app as a template with some changes. The video also turned out very good and I really like the outcome. It showed me that you get real assignments that you can work as a freelancer on when you have good work to show that you created in the past.

IMPORTANT: I replaced the music with license-free music of YouTube which is the reason why the cut is not perfect.

My First Animation

What happens if Donald Trump becomes president?

When I was in Canada I attended the presidential election in the US. For my class I had to animate a 15-second video and I wanted to create a funny commercial for Frank Underwood who is the main character in the TV-show „House of Cards“. The Netflix show is about how Frank Underwood wants to become the president of the US. I really wanted to tell a story that delivers the message to the viewer. Everybody  claimed before the election that Trump could not win because there are no big supporters (except from Peter Thiel) in the publicity and everybody predicted the „apocalypse“ if Trump would win. This is the perfect story with a clear insight and message that I used.

The clip was supposed to be 15 sec when I drew the storyboard, but the transitions I added in the end of editing result in a 23 sec motion graphics sequence. The sequence consists of three parts:

  1. The problem: Trump beats Clinton in the election and becomes POTUS
  2. The result: Something bad happens, like a terrorist attack in New York where the Statue of Liberty would be destroyed
  3. The solution: Vote for Frank Underwood and that will never happen

Before I started with this assignment, I literally had zero experience with After Effects and a very little knowledge in Adobe Premiere what could have helped. The project over all took me about 20 hours consisting of watching tutorials, asking my friend when I had questions about certain effects or trying out the countless functions of the video editing program.

I had a really steep learning curve because it was really something new to me, but I managed to animate zoom transitions between different parts, nice text effects with masks, parallax effects with simple pictures and to sync the music.

Especially the second part where the Statue of Liberty was attacked, took me a lot of effort. The original footage was this picture. Now I needed to divide the statue from the background, animate the statue with the Mesh Warp effect and let it explode with the shatter effect. Moreover, I looked for stock footage for dust, smoke and fire and adapted the shapes with masks. I really thought about the details which is why the initial font is Futura Bold since the whole project is about the future. Furthermore, there are a lot of smoke clouds and usual clouds because the impact of Trump’s presidency on the world would be unpredictable and we first have to go beyond them to see what the future will be like.

After Effects Magic

Let’s do some magic!


This is also a project of the class „Digital Design Studio“. Since I fell in love with Adobe After Effects, I wanted to create something difficult that would challenge me. After I had searched the web for some tutorials, I shot the footage for the clip and edited it with a lot of masks, tracking, and 3D-objects.

The sequence consists of four parts:

  1. Intro: the video starts with a short intro of an animated icon of the SLC and the text „A usual day in the SLC.“
  2. The second part shows me drawing a sweater on the wall. After that, I jump against the wall what results in putting the sweater on. I created this scene by tracking the outline of the sweater to the wall. Unfortunately, I never heard of rotoscoping what is the reason why I created this scene by masking everyframe what was a lot of work and not easy to do.
  3. In the next scene, I go to my MacBook where I put a 20 Dollar bill on the screen and copy and paste it. The hard challenge was the screen replacement for the whole sequence since the copied 20 Dollar bill was sticking to the screen the whole time. I managed to replace the screen by tracking the edges with Mocha AE, but there are some problems with light and adjustment. Moreover, it was tough to mask the hands putting the Dollar bill on the screen. The result is not quite perfect, but I am very happy with it since I put of lot time in it.
  4. The last scene is my favorite shot where I throw three playing cards away. By keeping still for the time the camera is turning around me it was possible to pretend a time freezing moment. I created the cards as 3D-objects, tracked the video and synchronized the 3D-movement of the video with the cards. Since I shot the whole video in 60 fps, I could warp the time, to create a slow motion.

Since the video is about me doing „magic tricks,“ I decided to take the song „Everyday Normal Guy“ by Jon Lajoie which is a funny song about ordinary people doing ordinary things. After cutting and synchronizing it, I was a little bit surprised how good the beats fit and also some lines like „I got 600 Dollars in the bank“ when I copied and pasted the money.

Besides the fact that I got to know a lot of new effects and techniques, I learned one of the biggest lessons in video editing. The best video editing begins with the shooting itself because I would have had much less work if I used a tripod in some situations. The third scene where I copy and paste money would have been much easier, when the footage would be a static shot because the light would not be changing, the tracking would be easier and there would be only one moving object (the hands).



This was part of the Jukebox project at Media University Stuttgart. You can find more about it here. In that project, I was producer, cameraman and responsible for the story. The cutting and the post-production was the task of my friend. We compared cooking to the enjoyment of listening to music.

Jukebox is a service that lets you customize vinyls with the songs you like and follows the trend of mass-customization. The video turned out to be good. But we learned something very important: never underestimate the concept of a video. We said: „We don’t need a storyboard, we will draw it afterwards for the professor.“ That was a big mistake and resulted in chaos. In the end we had to change the story and work with the same footage. Even though it was a little bit stressful and not an linear working progress, the video is good and we learned a lesson we will never forget.

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