Hi, I’m Ferdi.

I am a 21 year old German Marketing and Advertising student who is very interested in technology, startups and entrepreneurship. Usually I study at the Media University in Stuttgart, but I did an exchange semester in Toronto last year.

During that time I got to love Canada and travelled afterwards through Canada and the United States. Check out the portfolio and the travel blog to get to know me!

Digital Marketing

Via Digital Marketing it only takes a cup of coffee and a notebook to grow an user base. Through a creative and unconventioal approach I want to make the most out of arbitrage and thinking ahead.

Branding & Advertising

It seems that everybody hates commercial, but the truth is that people love to watch them if the message is relevant or entertaining. People talk about your brand if it tells a simple and funny story.

Creative Content

The production of creative and original content makes a lot of fun to me. I enjoy the process starting with the initial brainstorming and ideation and bringing it to life with the right tools.


My process

When I was 13, I started with paint.NET to add filters and edit colors of the pictures I took in the backyard. With 15 I tried the Adobe Creative Cloud and fell in love with it immediately. The reason for using it was the fact that I could create funny things with only my notebook. Isn’t that cool? Since I am very curious and eager to learn new things, I just searched for tutorials or cool projects. From that knowledge and expertise my projects benefit ever since. Moreover, every challenging project improves my skills.



Here you can take a look at some projects I worked on in the last couple of years either for personal purpose, at the Media University Stuttgart or Ryerson University Toronto. I would recommend to check out „Convoo“ since it was the most recent project with a holistic approach.

Convoo disrupts grocery shopping

Ideation And Design Of A Disruptive Startup


Poster / Billboards / Logos / Direct Mailing


Building A Social Media Brand From Scratch


Branding and Content Creation


Pictures from around the world

Video Production

Video shooting / cutting / animating


If you have any questions or just want to get in touch with me and talk about marketing, advertising or unicorns, let me know.

Contact Details

70180 Stuttgart
Phone on request


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