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Hi, welcome to my travel blog. Unfortunately, I only write in German because the main reason for creating this blog is to keep my German family and friends up to date. That’s why it made no sense to write in English. Anyways, you could still check out the pictures and videos.

I travelled within Europe, went to Australia for half an year, made a roadtrip in Iceland and studied half an year in Canada. There are a lot of stories to tell, I hope you enjoy them. On the map below you can check out the different spots I have been so far.

Where I’ve been so far.

Since I am from Germany, it was very easy to travel around Europe since the distances are not comparable to Australia or Canada and you can just cross the border. I did several roadtrips in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, France and went to Czech Republic, Croatia. My next destinations are Sweden and England. Really looking forward to these countries!
Right after my A levels in Germany I worked for six months at Bosch to finance half an year work and travel in Australia. Well, I also worked in Australia, but travelled a lot more. Jonas and me went together, bought a car, met a lot of people and experienced so much at the other end of the world. Actually, I blogged when I was there, but you can’t see all posts anymore. If you are interested in a revival, I would rewrite the blog articles.
Before we headed towards Canada for half an year, we made a stopover in Iceland, rent a car and drove around the island in only six days. That was very tough, but Tobi, my brother Max and me had a really good time. So far, I would say that Iceland is my favourite country because of the beautiful nature with all the waterfalls, geysir and hot pots. Check it out!
A dream came true when my university told me that I can do a semester in Toronto, Canada. I always wanted to go there because of the city jungle and the landscapes in Canada. The stereotype that Canadians are very nice is true by the way. In my blog you can read more about the time there.
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Mit dem Chopper über Toronto

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Mit dem Chopper über Toronto Wir waren bereits auf dem CN Tower, um auf Toronto herunterzugucken. Von einem Studienkollegen habe ich zusätzlich erfahren, dass man für nur 50$ einen Helikopterflug...
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Mit den Fahrradhandschuhen im Büro Im Rahmen unserer Dienstagsvorlesung, in der wir eine Startup-Idee entwickeln und diese exekutieren sollen, bekamen wir eine Präsentation und Führung im DMZ. Das DMZ steht…

Ryerson University MAC

Call me Fernandez

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Zurzeit bin ich ja offiziell im fünften Semester. Eigentlich wäre dies das Praxissemester, weil man in Toronto aufgrund der Trimesterstruktur nur im Wintersemester studieren kann, habe ich mein fünftes und...

Mitbewohner, Clowns und Reggae

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Der rote Punkt im Supermarkt Hunger. Ich hatte richtig Hunger! Nachdem ich mich am letzten Abend in Montreal vollgefressen hatte, konnte ich den ganzen Tag nichts essen, hatte dann aber...

Knoblauch-Bagel-Fiasko in Montreal

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Toronto Skyline

Thanksgiving in Toronto

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Wandern im Algonquin National Park

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